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6 Ways to Protect Your Windows This Winter

As the weather outside becomes cold and snowy, make sure your windows aren’t losing heat and letting cold air in. Up to 25% of heat in homes escapes through the windows making rooms in your home chilly and uncomfortable for everyone. Use these tips to ensure your family stays comfortable and your energy bill stays down. 

Apply Window Insulation Film

Window insulation film helps protect windows from freezing cold temperatures. It reduces the cold air filtering into your home from your windows by reflecting and dispersing warm heat into the room, making your house more comfortable. The film is easy to install on your windows, and kits are available online or at your local hardware store. When applied correctly, windows won’t look any different visually, but the film will retain up to 55% of the existing heat in your home.

Re-Caulk Your Window 

Over the years, existing sealant cracks and loses durability exposing your windows to the elements during the winter months. This can lead to heat escaping through your windows and cold air seeping in. To refinish small cracks, you can put a new layer on top of the existing caulk that molds into the places that need to be refurbished. For bigger and more severe cracks, we recommend you scrape off all of the old caulk, and then refurnish each seal with new caulk, making it completely sealed to keep in the warm air.

Install Draft Snakes

If you believe the heat is escaping from the window sill and not the window glass itself, you may want to consider getting a draft snake. A draft snake is a fabric tube that can be placed under window sills to help prevent cold air sneaking into your home. You can make your own out of an old sock and dry rice, or you can buy them online on websites like Amazon or Ebay.

Hang Layered or Insulated Curtains

By hanging up layered or insulated curtains in front of your windows, cold air will be blocked from creeping into your home. However, the curtains should be tightly knitted and have a close fit all around the window to make sure warm air can’t escape behind the curtain. To make the seal tighter, use curtain tracks that let the curtain move close to the wall. Keep the curtains open during the day to let your heating and cooling system regulate temperatures and sunlight can bring in natural heat. These curtains also function as blackout curtains which can benefit light-sensitive sleepers. They also can be stylish, adding a spark of creativity and design in your home, while helping you save money.

Put Up Honeycomb Cellular Shades

Like the insulated curtains, honeycomb cellular shades can prevent cold air drafts from sneaking through your window. Honeycomb shades have layers that trap in cold air making sure it doesn’t get into your home. They can be adjusted to fit any size window and provide full coverage to keep your home warm while keeping energy efficiency in mind.

Install New Storm Windows

If it’s going to take more time and money to repair your old windows that they’re worth, you may need to consider installing new storm windows. These windows provide an extra layer of protection from blizzarding cold winds and snow during chilly Iowa winters.

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