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How To Identify Hail Damage On Your Roof

With summer coming to an end, so are those classic Midwestern storms. While it hasn’t been a particularly stormy summer, we did experience a few big ones earlier on—and it only takes one severe storm for extensive hail damage to occur. 

Although we aren’t strangers to the occasional hailstorm, they shouldn’t be taken lightly. Oftentimes when they occur there is no alarming, visible damage, we don’t see an immediate need to get our roof checked. However, at Smart Roofing, we strongly suggest checking your roof after every storm. You never know if one small ding can cause a domino effect of damage down the road.

What does hail damage look like?

Not sure what to look for first? No problem! Here’s our guide on how to identify hail damage on your roof.

Check Your Gutters 

The very first place to look are your gutters. High-impact hail that has damaged your roof, will most likely take out those gutters along with it. This is the easiest way to spot hail damage, especially when you notice large pieces of debris or gashes/chunks taken out of the hard material. Check your downspout for any scuffs or noticeable scratches from hail that may have traveled through it. TIP: While there might not be any significant dents or cracks, keep an eye out for loose granules that have fallen inside the gutter. This is a sign of a nearby damaged shingle!

Assess Your Siding and Deck

The second place we recommend checking is the siding or deck. Both of these areas are likely to experience some sort of hail damage after a big storm, and you may find pieces of shingle near or on these areas. If the hail was big enough to cause destruction to your deck or siding, you can bet it affected your roof as well.

Examine Your Shingles

If you live in a residential area, chances are you have shingles of some kind. Did you know that not all shingles look the same when damaged? Identify what type of shingles you have and hop on a  ladder to get a better look. Signs of damage to shingles include:

Asphalt/Composition Shingles

  • Random damage with little to no pattern along the shingles
  • Hail hits, resulting in marks that are black in color along the rooftop
  • Loss in granules, exposing the roof felt to the elements
  • Asphalt that looks to be shiny
  • Hail marks are soft to the touch

Wood Shingles

  • Random damage with little to no pattern along the shingles
  • A split in the shingle that is brown/orange in color, can be rough to the touch
  • A split in the shingle that has little to no deterioration on edges
  • Impact marks/dents along split

More often than not, if you have shingle damage you’ll have damage to other places on your roof. These can be anything from your gutters, chimneys, vent caps, skylights, etc. The most common damage to these areas are dents which are easy to spot.

Don’t Forget the Interior of Your Home! 

Last but not least, check the interior of your home toward the ceiling on whichever floor is your top floor. It may be a second floor, attic or even your main level. Watch for any signs of leaks or water damage. This could be caused by a damaged part of your roof that was overlooked. 

Watch Out for Small Hail

Don’t be fooled! Storms that produce smaller hail can cause just as much damage as golf ball size hail. It depends on how hard or fast the wind was blowing, and at what speed and angle it was coming down.

Avoid Future Problems by Assessing Damage Right Away

While it may not be a fun task, it is important to assess your roof for damage as soon as a storm has finished. Doing so can save you money and future headaches. Damaged roofs can lead to leaks when it rains or ice dams in the winter. From there, they can turn into mold infestations, electrical issues, rotting wood, etc. Suddenly, you can find yourself spending more money on multiple repairs rather than just the one!

Our Roofing Experts Can Help 

Our experienced team at Smart Roofing & Exteriors will work alongside you to ensure that you are receiving the best advice and service when it comes to hail damage. We will work with your insurance company if necessary to repair damages caused by hail. With us, honesty comes first. Whether it is a simple phone call to ask questions, an on-site property evaluation, or a total remodel, we are here to help. Contact us today!

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